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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Texas: Home of Big Hair and Big Bows

My Aunt Deana and Grandmother have been here this week to watch Hannah. They are from the great state of Texas, where I was born and spent the first ten years of my life. Texas is known for doing things in a BIG way, and hair bows are no exception! Deana's granddaughter Ava has tons of hair bows and Deana thought Hannah needed some too. When she mentioned getting Hannah bows, I thought she meant small the size for a baby, but she really meant bows as big as Hannah's head. The first bow was a big furry one just like Ava has. It looks very cute on Ava in the picture, but Hannah did not sport the bow as nicely. When it was put on her head she crossed her eyes and started flailing her arms. I think she is beginning to like the bows, and some of them look cute on her!
I'm a little flapper girl!
What is this thing on my head?

Ok, ok, I'll wear the pink fuzzy thing.

With my Great Grandmother and my "brain squeezer!"
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