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Monday, July 28, 2008


We made it to Colorado and it was quite the adventure! We left home on Wednesday afternoon and headed to Baltimore to catch our 7:25 flight to Denver. We went inside and got in line to get Hannah's boarding pass when Kyle said, "I hate to ruin the excitement, but it says that your flight is delayed until 10:30." We checked in and they let Kyle come through security to help us out. We decided to have dinner at the airport and then Kyle needed to head back home. I assured him that we would be fine so off he went. I kept checking the board and the flight kept getting delayed more and more. Baltimore was on a ground hold as three huge thunderstorms passed over the area. Good thing I have the most easy going baby in the world! Hannah did not make a peep in the airport and she got many compliments on her great behavior. We finally boarded the plane at 12:30 AM. Hannah and I headed to the back of the plane and found a row to ourselves. Shortly after we got settled, a high school lacrosse team headed our way. They took one look at Hannah and quickly found another row. When you have a baby on the plane, people avoid you like the plague. We finally took off at 12:50 AM! Once we got up in the air all of a sudden one of the high school boys said, "Ewww, who pooped in their pants?" Hmmm...I think that was my 4 month old! Hannah was great on the plane. We had an entire row to ourselves so we were able to lay down and sleep. The only time she cried was when I asked to flight attendant to hold her so I could go to the bathroom. We arrived at my parent's house at 4:30 AM. Hannah ate and then went back to sleep until about 9:00. We have been relaxing and seeing friends since we arrived.
Hanging out at the airport waiting for the flight.
We finally arrived in Colorado! Hannah was very tired but she let Grammy and Papaw hold her!
Playing with Papaw
Scooting across the floor. She just needs to lift that head up!
I left Hannah on the green blanket and left the room for a minute. I came back and this is where she was. Tomorrow morning she will probably have a rug burn on her forehead!
Hannah and Grammy at the office.
Big Hannah, Sarah Grace, and Little Hannah. Sarah Grace told me, "We have been calling little Hannah Elizabeth our cousin...our God cousin!"
Sitting on the couch at Grammy and Papaw's!
Hannah and Uncle Ash
Papaw and Hannah
Hannah loves the exersaucer!
Gramma and Hannah. She loved Gramma's birthday balloon!
Hannah with Great Grandma Colleen.
She is very lucky to have seven Great Grandparents that are still alive. She has met 6 of them!

Helping Gramma open her birthday presents. Hannah loved the shiny silver paper!

No picture of Grandpa yet...don't know how that happened!

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Renee Huston said...

Once they become mobile, there's no turning back!! haha We miss you guys! Make sure you come back to MD. You're not allowed to stay in CO unless we decide to go there, too. :)