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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Other Children

As all of you know, I am a teacher. This year I am very fortunate to only be working part time. I teach a class of second graders reading and writing. They are my 16 other children. I am in the middle of testing and I had a substitute in my room this morning so that I could individually test students in order to determine their reading levels. I have a child in my class, we will call him Ronald, who does not fit the typical "Bethesda" mold. Most children in my school are rich, white, brilliant, have live-in nannies, travel around the world every school holiday, and have cell phones nicer than mine (at 7) . He is not any of those things, but he is an awesome kid who has had 2 rough years at school and stutters so bad you can hardly understand him. I have a heart for this child and I want to see him happy and successful. So far, we are doing well. Today it was his turn to be tested and before we started I was making small talk with him. Here is what he said to me.

Ronald: I wish you could take the day off so that you could spend time at home with babies like Hannah.

Me: I wish I could do that too, that would be fun.

Ronald: She is probably getting into trouble right now at home.

Me: Well, I don't know, she is home with her dad today and I think she is being pretty good.

Ronald: Well, babies have tiny brains, that's why they get into so much trouble.

Me: hmmmmmmmm???

Just then my class walked by on their way to a bathroom break (I teach in a portable so going to the bathroom is an entire class affair). One of my other students, we will call him Frank, was doing something with his hands and this conversation transpired:

Ronald: I think Frank was doing something with his hands, like sticking up his middle finger.

Me: I hope not.

Ronald: Yeah, that is bad. My friend Jason always does this (insert middle finger here). It is so bad. Maybe Frank doesn't know it it bad. I should tell him.

Me: Maybe you should.

Ronald: My friend Joey always says bad words and you are not supposed to say bad words. They are so bad I can't even tell you. I have to keep them a secret. Jason and I don't play with him because he says bad words.

Me: But you still play with Jason even though he sticks up his middle finger?

Ronald: Well, he doesn't do it ALL the time!

See why I love these guys? They are just so funny!

I should have a post with Hannah pictures soon. I have taken some good ones over the last week but Kyle has both home computers taken apart for repairs. They should be up and running this weekend.


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