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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trouble with a Capital T

We are in trouble...big trouble. This girl is busy, busy, busy! The other night she was crawling around the living room (no clothes of course!) and she decided to pull herself up onto the log of the coffee table. She starting crying because her head was hitting the top of the table and she couldn't stand up. Today I am here alone with Hannah and I have used up my "keep a baby happy" tricks. I was doing dishes and she seemed interested in the water so I figured that when I was done, I would let her play in the sink with some cups and spoons. She loved splashing in the sink but then decided she was done and was going to just climb right out of there. She can also stand on the couch without falling and will soon probably try to find a way to fling herself over the arm and onto the floor. I blame this activity on her dad. He is the one who loves to climb things!

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Kip said...

Al, something's wrong with the blog template - it's all white with pink writing - I can't read anything!