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Friday, October 3, 2008

7 Months

Hannah is seven months old today. Last week I took her to the doctor because I thought she might have another ear infection. Luckily she didn't but I found out she weighs 15 pounds 6 ounces. Up a whole pound from last month! I looked in my baby newsletter to see what Hannah should be doing at this age and here is what it says:

I creep across the floor, and I may crawl.
I may help you pull me up to a standing position by keeping my legs
When you hold me under my arms, I can stand and step in place. I
like to look at my feet.
When I’m lying on my back, I like to bring my feet to my mouth.
I can hold an object in each hand. I like to bang things together.
I can sit with a little support.
I have very good eyesight.
I am starting to feed myself with my hands.

Funny...I didn't see the following things on the list.

I will not take more than a 30 minute nap.
When I don't want to sleep, I will stand up in my crib.
I will crawl over the log and get under the coffee table...and then climb back over the log to get myself out.
I will fall out of strollers.
I will try to climb the stairs.
I will use my new pop-up toy as a step stool.
I will find it more interesting to play under my exersaucer than in it.
I will stand up on the couch and try to walk towards you.
I will help you unload the dishwasher.

★ I will crawl all over the place!

So...I guess I don't have a typical
seven month old. I hope this explains the lack of frequent blogging. I am a little busy making sure my daughter doesn't kill herself. She has the greatest smile and we are having so much fun!


Renee Huston said...

She is the cutest bald-headed girl I know. :)

Beth said...

Looks like you're going to need to lower that mattress SOON! ;)

Angela said...

Hannah's smile is infectious. What an adorable girl you are blessed with!