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Friday, October 17, 2008

Everybody Now...

VER - Boom
Denver, our Denver, We sing to thee
Fairest of Colleges
Give her three times three
Rah Rah Rah
Long may we cherish her
Faithful and true
University of Denver
For me & you.

Kyle is just a teeny tiny bit excited that the first DU hockey game is on TV tonight. He got Hannah dressed in her hockey jersey that Gramma and Grandpa got for her. He found the hat that he has been saving for our firstborn for 4 years. They had a true bonding moment and I'm sure Hannah will be a die hard fan in no time...or once she can stay up long enough to actually see a game!

Is it game time yet?

You see Hannah, we cheer for the Pioneers and we really don't like Colorado College. BOOOOO!

I'm ready to see my first game!

My dad is SO excited for hockey season!

I'll be able to wear this thing for years!

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