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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hannah's Favorite Activity

Last week we went to our friends house who have a baby about the same age as Hannah. During lunch we were discussing our children's favorite toys. The dog bowl is by far Hannah's favorite toy to play with. She loves opening it up, getting the scoop out, and dumping dog food on the floor. The dogs really love it too and they will soon be so obese they won't be able to walk. They especially like when we forget to put the lid back on and they have the freedom to get food out whenever they want. The other day she climbed right up on top of the bowl and this is how I found her. She can spend an hour just playing in the dog food and she never tries to put it in her mouth. When she is really quiet, you know she is playing in the dog water. Gross!

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Silly Saskatchewan said...

That is so cute. Liberty likes to crawl in the dogs kennel when I'm not paying attention. She'll just sit in there and giggle till I find her :)