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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Girl!

Hannah had a very happy day today and I took lots of pictures! She has such a little personality. She has begun to pose for the camera when she hears it turning on. Here are few pictures from this week.

Hannah really likes Lhotse and she has just started to really try and pet her. Here she is trying to pet Lhotse and Lhotse is probably trying to run for her life.

This is what Hannah does when you put the phone up to her ear. This time she was talking to Grandpa but she has a similar reaction when she talks to other people. Gramma is really popular and her phone rings ALL the time. Hannah recognizes the ring and gets very excited when someone calls!

Hannah still LOVES to play in the dog food holder. She is a pro at getting the bowl off, getting the scoop out, and sometimes she even gets a little food out for the dogs. Needless to say, the dogs love this activity. I even found Hannah's pacifier in the dog food when I went to feed the dogs one day. Gross! In these pictures she was coming in from the other side so she just climbed right up on the dog food container. Notice the silver bowl in the background? That belongs to the other dog, and she loves to play with that one too. She drags it all around the kitchen floor.

These pictures really capture Hannah's personality and her desire to do things her own way. On Monday I had her at work with me and I had to take her to a meeting. I put her down on a rug in my friend's classroom with some toys and books. She sat there for an hour just crawling around and playing by herself. I heard several times, "Your next one is going to be a wild child." I tried to explain that Hannah really was wild, but they didn't believe me. She never just sits and plays with toys at home. She is always into everything! These pictures were taken by Kyle last weekend while I was out running errands. Hannah was playing with her toys and instead of getting the toys out or going around the toy basket, she just decides to crawl right on top. She then knocked the whole basket over. My favorite part about this series of pictures is in the last 2 you can see an ice pack and a towel. That was because she hit her head on the coffee table about 3 minutes before. Yep...these pictures sum up Hannah!

Hannah loves books and tonight she wanted to see for herself what Daddy reads about. She went over to his Intelligence In War (sounds exciting huh?) book and opened it, flipped through the pages, closed it, and then tried to eat it. She kept looking at Kyle and grinning at herself. She was so proud!
Daddy, do you see me? I'm going to read your book!

I'm so proud that I can read this book! don't think I can do it?

You are wrong!

This is the hard part!

All finished!

After the heavy reading of Intelligence in War, Hannah needed to read just for fun so she picked up her book about mammals.

Hannah Banana's Funny Faces!

I am too tired to turn this one around, but it was so cute!

I love my Daddy.
This is a rare cuddle moment. They are few and far between!

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