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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Notice Anything?

One million monopoly dollars to the first person who can tell me what is new in these pictures. No, it is not the fact that she has food all over her face. No, it is not the fact that she is crying in most of the pictures. You may have to click on the pictures to make them bigger to acually see what I'm talking about! Any guesses?

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Becky_K said...

Does she have a new on the bottom? Do I win one-million monopoly dollars?

Alexis said...

Yea!! You guessed correctly. You do indeed get 1 million monopoly dollars. The next time you play with Mark, just tell him you are owed the million from the bank.

Glennis said...

Yes I can see the new tooth. I have not played Monopoly for a long time. So I donot need it. Thank you anyway. Greatgrandma.