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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hannah Dancing with Mozart

Aunt Beth and Uncle Stephen got Hannah this really cool Magic Mozart Cube for Christmas. It plays different songs and different instruments. It is probably Hannah's favorite toy at the moment. She will sit on the floor with it and dance for a pretty long time. Of course, as soon as she sees me with the camera she forgets about the music and starts to come get the camera. These are few short clips of her dancing all compiled together into one video. It really shows off her dance moves! Thanks for such a great toy Aunt Beth and Uncle Stephen!!


Beth said...

You are soooooo welcome, Hannah! That is hilarious. We cracked up through the whole thing. :)

Kim said...

I think it is amazing how she uses all of her body parts at some point to dance! Did you hear her actually "sing" at the beginning of that one song that she likes? That was too cute.