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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kennedy Christmas

Our Christmas Eve was not over yet! After our big meal we all sat around to open presents. In our family we all pass out the presents and then someone says "Go!" We all then tear into our presents like a bunch of wild things. Unwrapping presents takes about 5 minutes or less. I was trying to think about why my family does the unwrapping in this way. To be honest, I never knew there was another way until I met Kyle. I think that the free for all present unwrapping was started at my Grandparent's house because that is how all of us cousins opened presents when we were young. On Christmas morning none of our presents were wrapped up, they were just sitting under the tree, so we never unwrapped anything with my family. Oh, family much fun! Here are some pictures from our gift extravaganza!
Getting ready to open gifts.
ALL of these presents are hers!
She figured out how to take the bows off!
When your hands don't work...use your teeth!
All done opening my first present!
Hannah got a wooden bead maze.
She loved her new toys!

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