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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Zoo Trip

On Valentine's Day we met our friends Chad, Elissa, and Amelia at the zoo. Elissa and Kyle grew up in the same church in Colorado Springs and they now live in Boston. They happened to be in town this weekend so we met up and took advantage of our great (and free!) zoo that we have here in Washington D.C. Hannah was much more into the animals this time and she was very interested once baby Amelia woke up!
Hannah looking at the gorillas!

Daddy teaching Hannah about lions!

Hannah said, "Mooooo!" To the lion.
We told her that wasn't a very good idea!

This lion was looking for food!

Hannah and baby Amelia meet for the first time!

Hannah LOVED her!

Elissa, Amelia, Kyle, and Hannah

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