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Saturday, March 14, 2009


About a month before Hannah's birthday we got a coupon in the mail for a 1st Birthday cake. If we bought a cake from Safeway, they would give us the baby cake for free. It sounded like a good deal to me since I could have easily made a cake (from a box of course) but decorating it would have been another story! I was grocery shopping the Saturday before Hannah's party (scheduled for the following Saturday) so I decided to go ahead and order the two cakes. I went up to the baker and showed her the coupon. She immediately launched into a series of questions in broken English. I was expecting her to, you know, show me a book with some pretty little cakes and I would happily choose one and be on my merry way. This is the conversation I had with her:
Me: I would like to order a cake.
Baker: White Dark? (talking 90 miles an hour)
Me: Um...white.
Baker: What kind frosting?
Me: Um...what are the choices?
Baker: Butter cream, cream cheese, (other kinds I don't remember).
Me: I'll have cream cheese.
Baker: What decoration?
Me: This is where I froze. I started thinking, "Wait, aren't you going to show me your little book of the choices I have? I said, "Excuse me?"
Baker: What decoration? Balloon?
Me: Um...Sure
Baker: Ok, bye.
Me: Um...I would like to pick it up on Saturday.
Baker: Ok, bye

Hmmm...That is how the cake ordering went. For those of you who know me well, you know I have ZERO creativity. When I am asked how I want a cake decorated, I need options!! I can't just come up with something off the top of my head!! As I walked away from the Baker I told Kim, "Well, this cake may be ugly so good thing it is her first birthday and she won't remember it!"

Fast forward to Wednesday of that week. At this point I decided to pick the cake up on Friday because we were leaning towards having the party on Friday instead of Saturday. I called the bakery and this is the conversation that I had with the baker (yet again...talking 90 miles an hour in broken English).

Me: Yes, I ordered a cake to be picked up on Saturday and I would like to pick it up on Friday instead.
Baker: Oh, when you order?
Me: Saturday
Me: Saturday
Me: Last Saturday (calmly!)
Baker: What you name?
Me: Alexis Peterson
Baker: Ok, I look for it.
Me: Ok, thanks
Baker: (after about 5 minutes) What you name?
Me: Alexis Peterson
Baker: I not find order for cake for Alexis. When you order?
Me: Last Saturday
Baker: Ok, Happy Birthday Alexis?
Me: No...MY name is Alexis. The cake should say "Happy Birthday Hannah"
It is for my daughter.
Baker: Why you not tell me that?
Me: asked for my name, not what the cake said.
Baker: When you pick up?
Me: Friday at 12:00
Baker: OK, it be ready.

So...not only was a predicting an ugly cake, I was predicting it to say "Happy Birthday Alexis" as well. I told my dad this story and he insisted on going to Safeway to pick up the cakes just to see what happened if they were wrong. I don't know what he thought I would do. I'm pretty even tempered about these types of things, so I would have just sent my mom over to deal with them. My sweet mom can be quite demanding when push comes to shove!

This is what we got:
Not the prettiest cake I have ever seen, but not really ugly either. I was satisfied with the outcome. It was much better than I expected.

Hannah's Cake!
It was a big hit!

Hannah and Grammy in the hat that Grammy made!

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Silly Saskatchewan said...

Those cake pictures are too cute. She's so adorable!