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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Present from Daddy

Kyle bought Hannah a special present for her birthday.
It was a huge surprise, even to me!
It is the cutest little thing ever!
Hannah and Daddy going downstairs in the basement to see the present.

What could it be??

A Piano!!

I LOVE it!!

Daddy helps me learn!

Here is her little piano.
Is looks just like a baby grand and even has full sized keys!
Kyle bought it from a piano teacher who used it to teach her youngest students.
It even has a little bench for her to sit on when she gets a little older.
Now all she needs is someone to teach her (hint, hint, Erik!)


Angela said...

Oh MY!!! This is the most adorable piano ever. I'm expecting a blog concert soon.

The Cutter Family said...

Move back to CO and I'll teach her! I've been wanting to start teaching Isabel, but I don't have a piano. If you move back here, I'll trade you lessons for the use of your piano! I think that's a great deal and worth moving back here for ... don't you???

Erik said...

If you move to Seattle or I can convince Julie to move to D.C. then you'll have free lessons for life!