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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Philadelphia: Part 2

Our next stop in Philadelphia was this place on South Street called the "Magic Garden." It was a mosaic of all kinds of junk. I thought it looked interesting as we drove by so I made Kyle stop!

Hannah walking up the the Magic Garden

I love this picture of Hannah

Hannah and Dad looking at the fountain at Logan Square.

We spent most of the time chasing Hannah around the fountain.

Love Park

Cool architecture

There are beautiful murals painted all over the city.

There was a park filled with giant game pieces from Monopoly, Sorry, Dominoes, and Bingo. These pictures are for Aunt Amanda because we pretty much played Sorry! every day of our lives growing up!

Mom and Hannah trying to knock down the domino.

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Pita said...

Hahah! I'm pretty sure we pronounced it Thhaawweeee! Every time we slid past each other.