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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Random Post

The past week has been a busy one at the Peterson house! This past weekend we took a short getaway up to Philadelphia. I had never been there before so it was neat to see so many historical places. I will post more about our trip later, but for now here is a picture of Hannah as she tours the city.

We also found out that Hannah will have a little cousin later this year. She is very excited (ok...I am very excited so I think Hannah should be too)! You can read all about it here There actually is nothing to read, but you can see a picture of Hannah's glowing Aunt Beth!

We also have Riley (Aunt Beth's dog) at our house for about 2 weeks. Hannah is breaking her in and I think Riley will be a great big sister, as long as she doesn't treat the new baby like this:

Riley loves carrying around all of Hannah's toys. She doesn't chew them up, unlike Lhotse. Hannah likes Riley's bushy tail and long hair. She follows Riley around squealing!

Yep, Riley is getting some GOOD practice!

Yesterday I watched our friend's son Callan for a few hours. He is about a month younger than Hannah. They were supposed to be born on the same day, but Hannah was impatient and came early and Callan decided he was in no hurry and came about a week late. They had a fun time playing together!

You aren't going to take my cracker are you?

They both needed to shove the crackers in as fast as possible so the other one wouldn't steal them.

Lastly, Today is Grandpa's 50th birthday!! He was here this morning and Hannah sang Happy Birthday bright and early at 6:30! Here she is with her grandpa!

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Beth said...

Haha! I love the one of Riley with the baby in her mouth. And great picture of Hannah and Grandpa! :)