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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Much to Blog About...So Little Time!

Posts have been few and far between because we are busy, busy, busy! In addition to going here and there, our laptop battery is dead and won't charge so I must do all blogging from my basement, which is neither fun nor convenient- especially because the internet service is spotty down here! We also have our hands full with a very active almost 15 month old who thinks every waking moment should be spent at the park across the street from our house.

Here is the latest from the Peterson house:

On May 12th Hannah welcomed a friend into the world as Baby Brian was born to our good friends. I couldn't believe how tiny he was...and he was a whole pound bigger than Hannah was when she was born.

Hannah was not too sure about Brian at first, but she is warming up to him.

Kyle and I also went to Brian's bris. I was very nervous about the whole thing but the ceremony was very lovely and he hardly cried at all. (And don't worry...I didn't watch!)

Friends at the Bris

Our friend Kelley Marie and her son, Christian, are in town this month so we headed to the National Zoo for some animal fun!

I wasn't sure how Hannah would respond to the animals at the zoo. The last time we were there was Valentine's Day and she was just over 11 months old. At that time she wasn't able to really see the animals very well, except for the really big ones (that weren't hiding). This time she was able to really see and interact with all of the animals. She LOVED them all and cried when we put her back in her stroller to move to the next exhibit. She spent most of the afternoon pointing to each animal!

Excuse me, are you a monkey??

I will update more later this week. Be sure to check back for some cute videos!

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