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Saturday, July 18, 2009


We just spent the last week in Minnesota at Kyle's grandparent's summer home. The entire family was there and we had a blast with Kyle's cousins! His family is large and there are 42 or so immediate family members. We all stayed on site...and everyone had a bed! We were some of the first to arrive so Hannah had a quiet first few days! She loved the wagon and we spent quite awhile playing with it in the front yard.
I think I went around that circle 35 times that day.
That night Stephen and Beth arrived and brought Erik and Julie with them!
Sitting around the fire pit.
Kyle and I out on the fun!

Going for a boat ride.
Uncle Stephen, Aunt Beth, and Hannah

Helping Daddy drive the boat!

Julie and Alexis on the boat.

This is Monet. She is obsessed with getting rocks from the bottom of the lake and bringing them up to the yard. She has rock diving down to a science and it is pretty funny to watch!

Kayaking with mom

Ready to go on a boat ride!

Kayaking with Daddy!

Riding "Delight" the rocking horse.
Hannah's Great Grandma
This was only the beginning of the excitement! More pictures coming soon!

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