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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a Weekend!

Hannah and I got to spend an extra-long weekend together and boy did we have fun. Kyle has started working at night for the next several months so Hannah and I must find ways to amuse ourselves so he can sleep during the day. On Saturday we packed up and headed to Baltimore to the Maryland Science Center. We go to the Baltimore Inner Harbor regularly but we had never been to the Science Center before. It is an amazing place for both kids and adults. So many things were hands on and kid friendly. Hannah was terrified of the dinosaurs, but once we moved past those she had a great time.

I LOVE this face!
So full of wonder, amazement, and curiosity!

She was also terrified of this picture of Cal Ripken.

This is her new way of walking down the street...with her arms crossed.
So stinkin' funny!

It didn't take long for her to be fast asleep on the way home (with her book!).

That night we went to Dave and Michelle's for dinner. Baby Brian was sleeping and Hannah climbed up on his crib (she actually made it all the way up) and peeked inside and yelled, "Hi Beeeee." Needless to say, his nap was short lived.

Sunday afternoon we headed up to Pennsylvania to Aunt Kelsi's house. Yesterday we hit the Philadelphia Zoo and my little animal lover had a great time.

Crossing those arms!

She had a love-hate relationship with this giraffe pinata that Kelsi has. She wouldn't walk by it when it was sitting on the shelf, but once we got it down she was riding it.

I accidentally put this one in twice, but I'm not taking it out because it makes me laugh!

On our way back home this morning we stopped at the Giant Wooden Slide here in Maryland. I don't know how I found out about this slide, but I read about it online. It is up north of where we live, in Rocky Ridge, about an hour away and right off the highway that takes us up to Kelsi's house. It is at a small park really out in the middle of nowhere that is run by a church. This place was really, really fun. The slide is much higher than it looked in the pictures online. They have burlap sacks there and you climb up the right side of it and then zoom down. You go really fast! Hannah couldn't get enough. She kept saying, "More, please." Since we went this morning we were the only ones there. We will be taking daddy back to this place for sure. I'll post videos soon!
The slide!

The view from the top down. There is a huge pile of sawdust that you go flying into.
The slide looks like that slick bowling alley type wood.

Hannah going by herself (with no burlap, a little slower that way!)

Fun, Fun!

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Brian Peterson said...

What a card! Looks like you had a lot of fun.