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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bee: Update

So it has been a few days since Hannah and the "Bee" experience so I thought I would update you on how it is going here at the Peterson house. Hannah couldn't stop talking about the bee all day. She even told both sets of grandparents about it on Skype. However, since that day we haven't heard too much about the bee. Just yesterday Kyle asked me if I noticed that Hannah has been squeezing her eyes shut when we put her on her changing table. I had noticed it but didn't really pay much attention to it because she would still interact with me, laugh, and play like normal while changing her diaper, just here eyes were squeezed shut. Kyle seemed worried that she had sensitive eyes and that the light was bothering her. I didn't think that was the problem because Hannah doesn't have an overhead light in her room and only has a lamp (and it isn't that bright). I told Kyle I thought it was the smoke detector (half joking) and we both chuckled a little. Sure enough, the next time we changed her diaper we both looked closely at what she did before she squeezed her eyes shut. We lay her down, she spots the smoke detector, and immediately squeezes her eyes closed...and keeps them closed the entire time she is up on the table- even if we sit her up!

Yesterday morning Kyle was home with Hannah and he was doing some things in her room. She was taking clothes out of her clothes tub and taking them into Brody's bed since Daddy was distracted. Kyle realized what she was doing and told her to go get the clothes. She ran into our room and got the clothes and ran back to her room. She got to the doorway and froze. "BEEE!" she said. Kyle had to prove to her that there was no bee in the tub. The tub that the original bee was in was a small tub a little bigger than a shoe box and it had handles that come up and snap over the lid. The "bee" was laying in one of the handles of the tub. The clothes tub is the same kind of tub except much, much bigger. Her ability to associate two things together just amazes me sometimes. The tubs were different sizes, different colors, and in different parts of the house but they both had those handles and she made that connection. Sometimes it is scary to think about how much they really know at this age.

I think Kyle was able to successfully convince her that there was no bee in the big tub. Thank goodness because if I had to deal with a "bee" and a smoke detector all in one room I would never get any sleep!!

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