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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Far Far Away

So last week I had a moment of temporary insanity and decided that it would be ok for Hannah to go visit her Grandparents in Colorado for a week. Kyle's dad flew out and picked her up and took her back to Colorado. I cried when I dropped them off, I cried all the way to work, and I even cried a little at work. In my mind I had thought I would just drop her off and all would be fine and dandy (you know, because I don't cry that much!). Well, I miss my little bear so much! We have talked to her everyday on Skype and as you can see she is having a terrible time in Colorado, being very mistreated by her Grandparents, and getting no attention at all! Tomorrow we are heading to Omaha for a family wedding where we will meet up with Hannah. I can't wait to see this girl!

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The Cutter Family said...

It's all fun and games until you are away from your baby! I know the feeling well. Sometimes I think it will be so nice to go away for a mini vacation by myself and then I go and I spend the whole time missing my babies. haha Well, at least there's only one day left :(