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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After I told you all that it hardly ever snows in Maryland and the last snow storm a few weeks ago, when we got 7 inches, was the most snow we had gotten since we moved here, of course this weekend we got a major storm! It began snowing Friday night and continued to snow really hard all day on Saturday. It was even still snowing a little bit on Sunday morning. On Sunday we woke up to about 2 feet of snow covering everything! Everything was closed down so we just stayed home all weekend. (I didn't take any pictures, I'm sure you all saw it on the news) Kyle ventured out and spent 3 hours shoveling our driveway. It took him that long to shovel a path from our door to the garage, and then he shoveled one path down the driveway so that we could put one tire on the path and just gun it down the hill. It worked!
I didn't want to take Hannah out in the snow, since she doesn't have any snow pants or waterproof boots, so I brought the snow inside to the kitchen sink. She hated it and wouldn't put her hands in it. She asked me to make a snowball (she remembered that from a few weeks ago) so of course, I made her one. She took it in her hands and threw it on the floor to Lhotse! Then she loved the snow and wanted more snowballs...and that was the end of her snow playing because I wasn't going to clean snowballs up off my kitchen floor!
The best part about all of the snow was that we got the entire week off of school! My last day before winter break was going to be today (the 23rd), but luckily since the DC area doesn't get this much snow that often and doesn't know what to do with it, I got the entire week off! Yea!

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