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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

23 Months

Today Hannah is 23 months old. She is such a silly little girlie. She is getting more opinionated about what she wants and will let us know it! Here are some of my favorite things she does these days.

* She has started running around the house saying, "Super Girl!"

* She uses her imagination and pretends to act like different animals. She walks around and pretends to be a bear.

* Every thing is "scary" these days.

* She loves projects and helping mommy. The other day a few hours after we had worked on an art project she came to me and said, "More projects PLEASE!"

* She likes the song "Happy Day" and will go around saying, "Happy Day, Happy Day."

* She helps Dad with all of his projects around the house. She loves the hammer and screwdriver just as much as she loves her baby dolls.

* I find her hugging and kissing her baby dolls often.

* She can identify many letters of the alphabet (especially H) and can even tell you what sound some of them make.

* She loves to laugh and thinks many things are funny.

* She doesn't forget anything! Just today she was doing something that Kyle showed her only one time back at Thanksgiving.

Here is a video of Hannah at the park. She hadn't been swinging for a while and she was excited to swing. I love how she says, "More scary! Up, Up!"

1 comment:

Beth said...

Haha - that is too cute! She'll say, "More scary!" until she learns to say, "Higher, Mommy!" :)