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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We have been working with Hannah on the letters of the alphabet and she is able to recognize many of them. The other day when she thought no one was looking she sang the majority of the ABC's. She especially knows the letter H and has been pointing it out anytime she sees it, on my sweatshirt, on a box, on a sign, she can find an H anywhere! Not too long ago I started showing her how to make an H. She has been able to get the basic lines on the paper but just this week she really started making them really well. Here is a video of her making an H today. I love how she says, "Down, down, across." We are off to Florida for a few days but check back next week for Hannah's birthday blog post. I can't believe she will be two next week!


Beth said...

Good job, Hannah! Aunty Beth is so proud of you. Keep practicing and soon you can add A-N-N-A-H!

Brian Peterson said...

Hannah is really learning her ABC's. While we were there I was sitting at my computer surfing and Hannah was singing her ABS's. I wasn't listening that closely, but Alexis was listening from the kitchen. She came in said, "Did you hear that? Hannah just said, 'A B C D E F G...Hannah!'". We all just cracked up laughing. THAT was a funny moment! :)