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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Gramma and Grandpa were back in town recently.  I tried to take some pictures of Hannah and her Gramma because every time they leave town I realize that I never took any pictures of Hannah and Gramma.  Obviously I didn’t do too well since these pictures all appear to be on the same day but at least I got something.  Hannah affectionately calls her Gramma “Mla-mla.”  We aren’t sure why, but that is the name that Hannah has come up with and it doesn’t look like she is going to be changing it anytime soon.  Hannah’s “Mla-mla” has been a very important part of her life, spending every day with her last year while I worked.  Hannah loves her because she is always willing to spend time playing games, doing puzzles, singing, or any other activity that Hannah wants to do.  Hannah loves playing games and doing activities where she really has to think.  I think this is in part to all of the time she has spent with “Mla-mla” doing puzzles and reading books.  Hannah sure does love her “Mla-mla.” 


Hannah and Gramma play a matching game.  Hannah is surprisingly really good at this game.IMG_3773

Before church Hannah and Gramma spent quite a bit of time playing instruments and singing songs.  IMG_3770 IMG_3771  IMG_3772-1  IMG_3773-1    IMG_3781 IMG_3782

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