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Monday, May 24, 2010

States Puzzle

Here is a series of videos of Hannah doing her states puzzle. She just got this last week and she already knows most of the states and where they go. Little kids just amaze me! I can't believe how much a two year old learns and remembers.

She had a hard time finding Oregon, but this video is still cute!

This one is really long but my favorite part is when she finds Texas and said, "Mommy lives." We told her that I used to live in Texas but for some reason she calls Texas "Groceries" instead of Texas. I think she was confused because on the day that Gramma and Grandpa told her I used to live in Texas and she was putting together the puzzle, I was away at the grocery store.

My favorite part of this last video is when Hannah sees Iowa with the picture of corn on it and says, "Corn, Yum!" We got new holders for our corn on the cob and we used them for the first time a few nights ago so that is why she is talking about the corn "shoulders" (holders). She also was so excited about finding Pennsylvania and telling you that Aunt Kelsi lives there.

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