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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Full Week

We had a full week last week with Mimi in town and Great Grandpa Dallen visiting for the weekend.  Hannah had a great time with Mimi.  They went to Home Depot and picked out some flowers to plant and Hannah was excited to get them home to plant them!

Decisions, decisions...
Let me feel it first...
I think I want this one!
While Mimi was checking out, Hannah went over to see a fountain that was set up in the store.  She found a fake duck and began letting the duck get a drink out of the fountain.  I was glad I had my camera in my purse!  She is so funny.
Mimi and Hannah planted some vegetable plants that our friends brought over.  She worked hard!
Then it was time to plant all of the flowers.
Thanks for making our flowerbeds beautiful Hannah and Mimi!

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Beth said...

That duck must have looked THIRSTY! Good thing there was a fountain nearby. :) Cutie.