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Monday, June 14, 2010


Hannah is enjoying being a big sister.  We constantly hear, "Where Sadie go?"  "Give Sadie a kiss too."  or "Put Sadie in her chair Mommy."  Sadie cries...a lot.  If she isn't sleeping or being held, she is crying.  We are all getting used to dealing with all of the crying and at first Hannah was pretty sympathetic and would say very nicely, "Don't cry Sadie, no worries."  Now it has turned to, "SADIE!  NO CRYING!  DON'T CRY SADIE!"  She hasn't really had any moments of jealousy but she has become overly sensitive and it doesn't take much to get the tears flowing.  She is very helpful and loves her little sister. 


Brian Peterson said...

Alexis, How do you seem to get the pictures that always capture the presence of every moment and make Bompa cry?

Keep it up!

Love, brian

Glennis said...

Thank you for the pictures. they of course are just for me Right?

They are so cute.
love great grandma

Kim said...

Oh, the pictures of the girls are just precious! I love all of Hannah's different expressions as she looks at Sadie.

Beth said...

Hannah's a great big sister. Who really takes well to a crying baby? Not me! :)