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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Half a Gnome

Last week I received a text message from my friend, Renee, saying that they had found the perfect Halloween costumes for the BFFs (Hannah and Callan).  Along with the message was a picture of these:

male gnome girl gnome

Why yes, they are matching garden gnomes.  Renee and Gene decided against buying one for Callan because they were $20.00 and that is a little pricey for a costume that will be worn one time (and Hannah still fits into her costume from last year so we were just going to use that one again).  We decided that if they went on sale closer to Halloween, we would buy them and Hannah and Callan could be matching garden gnomes.  I am fully expecting them to have plenty as Halloween approaches because seriously, who wants to be a garden gnome? 

However, Callan’s grandmother was in town this weekend and was talked into buying Callan the gnome costume.  They brought it over to show us and he put it on but wouldn’t wear the hat.  Hannah wore the hat and Callan wore the rest.  Together they make a cute garden gnome!  Oh, how they are going to hate us when we play the typical “wedding slideshow” at their wedding some day.  Ha ha ha!     And yes, I already have husbands picked out for both of my daughters.  IMG_6840IMG_6841



Beth said...

Bearded Hannah!

Kim said...

She makes a pretty cute half a gnome! And her partner is mighty handsome! haha. Those costumes are pretty darn cute, I must say.

Renee Huston said...

I just LOVE the last picture. These two continually give us stuff to laugh about, that's for sure! :)