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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hannah Quotes

Things Hannah has said today:

This morning she was coughing during breakfast:
Me: "Where did you get that cough from?"
Hannah: "From inside my mouth."

As we were getting ready for church today:
Hannah: "Mommy, can you come in my class?
Me:"What class?"
Hannah: "My teacher class?" (This is what she calls children's ministry at our church- not sure why.)
Me: "Mommy goes to her own class, a class for grown ups."
Hannah: "I want to go to your class."
Me: "Children aren't allowed, just grown ups."
Hannah: "Do you have bubbles in your class?"
Me: "No, no bubbles in my class."
She seemed OK with going to her class today knowing that she got bubbles and I did not.

As we were trying to get out the door this morning and Kyle was getting Sadie in her car seat, she was flailing about and not being cooperative.  He said, "Knock it off you silly goofball."
Hannah said, "Sadie is a silly meatball.  Knock it off you meatball." "Sadie is a meatball!"

Here is picture of our funny girl and one of the silly meatball as well.

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