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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sadie's Christmas List

Go here and scroll down a little.  Watch the video. 

Did you see it?  Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet from when you fell off your chair laughing hysterically? 

This is what Sadie could look like if someone will take pity on her and buy her a wig.

This is for real.  People really make these things and others really buy them.  Sadie doesn't want a wig for Christmas.  She wants a deep freeze to store all of her food.  She told me herself.
* All photos from the baby bangs website


Beth said...


Julie Bruce said...

Too bad Peter is a boy, he could use a wig! that is really crazy that people make them and that people buy them.

Brian Peterson said...

That HAS to be spoof. Are there REALLY people that buy those things? It must be from SNL or something!