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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fruits (and Vegetables) of My Labor

We are beginning the baby food season with Sadie and I can’t believe she is six months old and ready to eat food.   Apparently, neither can she because she was fine and dandy with her diet of milk and has not really been fond of the baby food.  Of course, some days are better than others but she is not one of those children that opens her mouth wide like a baby bird and waits for the food- it is more like I have to make her laugh and then shove a bite in.  I don’t really think it is the taste she doesn’t like, just the texture and the spoon. 

Last week I had a baby food making session while Sadie was sleeping.  I made enough food for the next few months and it was fresh, organic, cheap, and easy peasy!  I’m pretty sure I spent under $15.00 on the ingredients for the food and it will last a LONG time.

All you do is cook the veggies/fruits (I baked or steamed), put in the food processor, add a little water, and push start.  In about 20 seconds you magically have fresh, healthy, and delicious baby food.  I’m serious about the delicious part- I was sticking my finger in each thing as I made it was everything was great.  Hannah loved the pureed mango too.

Then I put the puree in ice cube trays, froze them, and put them in freezer bags.  When it is time to eat I thaw out a cube and we are good to go. 


Here is what I made in about 90 minutes: green beans, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, mango and avocado.  I also have some pumpkin puree that she has been eating as well. 

Try it, you (and your baby) just might like it! (although mine does not)

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Beth said...

Nice job, Al! You did get a lot done in 90 minutes! I was never able to do that much at a time b/c we only have 4 ice cube trays. haha
One day, Sadie will just decide she loves it all and will scarf it down!