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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Hannah Quotes

I have a feeling I could write a post about Hannah’s quotes every day!

  • After a weekend of company, the next day Hannah woke up and said, “Mommy, where are all of my people?”
  • She was pushing her dolls around in the stroller and one fell out.  She said, “I told you not to fall out of the stroller.” 
  • I was cutting fabric for a project I was making and Hannah took a piece into the living room.  A few minutes later I went to find it and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I asked Hannah where it was and she said, “Hmmm, I buried it around here somewhere.”
  • Today I was looking for the remote control and I asked Hannah is she new where it was.  She said, “I killed it.  I killed it with my war stuff.”  (Maybe watching Star Wars with Dad was not such a great idea.)
  • Today she looked at her hand and said, “I have a little scratch.”  I said, “How did you get that?” and she replied, “When I was running through the rainforest.”  (Really?  Wow!)
  • After watching the Lion King she told me, “Scar told Simba the good news and then it was Christmas!” 
  • Today she told her baby, “Don’t laugh at me, you need to be respectful.”

In addition to all of her funny sayings we are getting a lot of spontaneous “I love you” and hugs.  She is also beginning to experiment with large words and tries to use them in context, but rarely does. 

Hannah came up to me and said, “Mom!  I used this stick to get this ornament off the tree!!!”  She was SO excited.  She is a problem solver, that is for sure.  Notice how many other ornaments are at her level?


Here are a few videos:

A few of Sadie, just because she is cute.

Maybe if I don’t look at you and have my mouth occupied I won’t have to eat those bananas.IMG_8137



Silly Saskatchewan said...

Funny quotes, Our tree looks the same way. When we first decorated, all the ornaments were at the bottom since Berti wanted to hang them all but we've been slowly moving them all up because Logan likes to throw them in the trash...I haven't figured out why yet. We got your Christmas card. Thanks so much. The girls are gorgeous!

Kim said...

Oh, my precious girls! I LOVE the stick to get the ornament down from the tree! haha.

Beth said...

Sadie is so cute with Lhotse! I am going to use a stick to get all the ornaments off our tree in a few weeks! haha