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Friday, January 14, 2011

Standing, Shaking, Smiling, Silly

Sadie is trying really, really hard to stand up ALL the time.  She has pulled herself up to standing once all by herself but we really don’t have much for her to pull up on that is in our carpeted area and she is no where near being stable enough to try it on the hardwood floors.  She pretty much spends all day doing this:


Getting to her knees and trying as hard as she can to get to her feet.


And then this happens…


and she tries again and again.

Yesterday she was playing while I was making lunch and she all of a sudden got quiet.  I looked around the corner and saw her pulling up on the stairs:


We also caught her shaking her booty to her new CD that she got for Christmas. 

Sadie is so smiley (with tongue action of course)


The silly girl has also changed her mind again about baby food.  Now she only wants Cheerios.  She also must feed herself.  If I offer her something else she shuts her lips really tight and shakes her head.  Where do babies learn this stuff?  It is crazy!  

My standing, shaking, smiling, silly Sadie.  I love you!


Beth said...

Oh, my goodness! She might be an early walker! Gotta love the moves... :)

Kim said...

Oh, Sadie - you are the cutest! Gramma loves your bouncing! And you are too little to start going up the stairs - although I think your sister was doing the same thing about your age!