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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Whole New World

Sometimes I wonder what older people think of all of the crazy technology that is out there these days.  When I think about how far cell phones and computers have come since  as far back as I can remember, the advances in technology are astounding.  Then I think of people like my grandparents (and parents for that matter) that lived when there was not a computer in every home (or one even invented yet) and they really must be blown away….or really annoyed.  I mean really, what did we do before cell phones? This technology has now found its way to the grocery store, and I’m not talking about bar code scanners or even self checkout lanes.  Recently my eyes have been opened to an entire new way to grocery shop and let me tell you, it is AMAZING.  Now, this technology is not all that new as it has been in grocery stores in our area for about two years now BUT, it is new to me because I just tried in out over the past few months.  Let me introduce you to…
When you walk into the grocery store you pick up one of these:
These are little scanning guns like you get when you do a wedding or baby registry at places like Target.  Then you use your scanner to scan your store club card.  Put your reusable shopping bags open in your cart. Or, if you hate the earth, pick up some that are waiting for you by the scanning guns.  I kid, I kid…use whatever kind of bag you want, I really don’t care.
Now begin your shopping trip and scan your groceries as you shop.  After you scan each one just put it in a bag in your cart.  Note: the scanners are not this big, they are really small.  I think this lady is actually doing inventory but it is the only picture I could find.
As you shop, your scanner keeps track of your total and shows you how much you have saved. Another cool thing is that as you are shopping random coupons just pop up on the screen and if you buy the product the savings is automatically applied. 
Even buying produce is easy!  In the produce section there are scales and printers and it will print out your price after you weigh your produce. 
Once you finish your cart may look something like this:

Your next step is to  head to the register.  There are special registers for Scan It! users.  You walk up, scan the bar code on the sign, scan you store loyalty card and all of your items pop up on the screen.  You then pay and you are on your merry way.  No waiting in line, no bagging groceries as your two year old screams for candy, no stress!  [Checkout+sign.jpg]
Dare I say that grocery shopping this way is actually a little fun??
Disclaimer: I didn’t take any of these photos, I found them online.  I would love to give credit for them but I wrote this post many weeks ago and I’m just now publishing and I can’t seem to locate the exact photos anymore.  Thank you for letting me use your photos. 


Beth said...

I don't think we have this here, yet! I will be watching for it, though. It would make grocery shopping a little more exciting.

Beth said...

BTW - Now, I have "A Whole New World" stuck in my head. Thanks a lot! haha

The Cutter Family said...

You're so advanced on the east coast! You know Colorado won't actually get this for another 5 years or so. When it does, I will try it though! :) If I ever come to visit you, we are going to the grocery store and we are SCANNING IT!