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Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Months


Little Sadie Evelyn is 10 months old!  At 10 months she:

* Loves to carry around things in her mouth while she is crawling around.  Her favorite things are spoons and socks.  When she stops crawling, the object comes out of the mouth.

* Can say “uh-oh!”

* Shakes her head no and says “Na, na, na.”  This is mostly when she doesn’t want food, but the other day she did it when I tried to put her in the cart at Costco.  She knows what she wants- or doesn’t want!

* Can sign milk and all done. 

* Loves bath time.

* Also loves the be outside.  Every time we go out there she kicks her legs wildly.

* Can say “dada.”

* Is getting better with eating baby food.

* Has quite the scream when she is excited or wants attention.

* Can clap her hands.

* Can do “So Big!”

* Love to play with the spoons in the toy kitchen.

* Will sit outside the door when her sister is in the bathroom and wait for her to come out.

* Squeals with delight when she sees Hannah in the morning.

* Is back to sleeping through the night!

* Walks around furniture.

She is at such a fun age and brings us so much joy. 



Kim said...

Oh, such cute pictures! I love the last one - too precious!

Brockman said...

Look at those little toes - what a cutie!