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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

Hannah turned three years old on March 3rd.  Three...really?  It doesn't seem like she can be three already.  Three seems so old to me.  We planned to have a small party here at home with Hannah's three friends.  It quickly turned into a rather large party with 20 people.  Gramma, Mimi, Aunt Beth and Avery all came from Colorado.  We had a great time celebrating with everyone!

On her actual birthday we spent most of the day at the airport picking up visitors.  Her treat was riding the rides at the mall and eating a cupcake.

Her party was the following Saturday and she was very excited to have all of her friends over at the same time.

How many dads does it take to put together a Playmobil RV?


Hannah and her Kid K’nex from Aunt Pita.

Her party was an art theme.


Avery loved her cupcake!

The old married couple discussing presents.


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