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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life with a Three Year Old

I’m convinced that having a three year old both the best of times and the worst of times.  I love that Hannah can talk to me.  I love that she can play pretend and make up wild stories.  I love that when I need something, she will go get it.  I love that she can play independently without destroying anything.  What I don’t love is the drama, the constantly testing the limits, the sibling spats and the disobedience.  Good grief, is it that hard to do what your mom says?  We have lots and lots of fun moments, even hours, sometimes even days.  But, let’s be real…we also have many frustrating times.  It is the best age and the worst age all wrapped up into one.  Today was a particularly good day.  Hannah is so stinkin’ funny.  She has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing.  Here are some quotes from her today:
* This morning Hannah woke up a little early and it wasn’t time for her to come into our room yet.  She normally plays in her sun room or goes downstairs until it is time (more on how she knows the time later).  Today she came into our room and said, “Mommy, first I colored a picture, then I did a puzzle, then I had a piece of chocolate, then I put my baby to sleep and then I came to your room!”  I guess I need to hide the chocolate. 
* I was brushing her hair this morning and Sadie was a little fussy.  Hannah told her, “Sadie, your mother and I are brushing my hair.” 
All of the frustrations with correcting, re-correcting, re-re correcting and correcting yet again are all worth it when I hear her funny little quotes. 
Of course, she’s always happy when she gets to lick the brownie bowl.


Kim said...

Oh Hannah! You ARE so stinkin' funny!

Beth said...

At least she told you she ate a piece of chocolate. Although, could you tell she had eaten it by the amount of chocolate surrounding her mouth? haha We are entering that direct disobedience phase with Avery, and I think it'll be a loooooonnnnnngggggg phase!