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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Giver of Gray Hair

My blog has been neglected since we spent three weeks in Colorado and then came home to 100 pounds of tomatoes that I had to find something to do with.  We have been busy, busy, busy around here!  Just keeping up with Sadie is more than a full time job.  Let me tell you, this girl is going to give me a lot of gray hair!  While Hannah was adventurous, yet cautious, Sadie is just a wild child.  Her favorite thing to do is to fling herself off of something that is off the ground (couch, chair, stairs, etc.)  She thinks it is funny and keeps repeating the behavior!  I’ve tried to teach her how to go down the stairs backwards but she insists on trying to hold onto the rail and go down like her sister.  Problem is, her legs aren’t long enough for her to walk down the stairs.  That doesn’t stop her from trying.  The other day Hannah was looking out the window and Sadie wanted to look too.  She is just a little too short, but she figured it out.  Most of the time I just watch as I think, “Is she really going to do that?”  The answer is always yes, yes she is going to do that.  So, if you see Sadie with a big bruise on her head it is because she has flung herself off the couch…and then laughed about it!


1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh, Sadie! You are too funny. Precious picture at the end of the two girls looking out the window:)