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Saturday, September 10, 2011

15 Months

Little Sadie is 15 month old!  I know I say this every single time, but I truly can’t believe she can be that old.  It seems like she was just born!  I said when she was very small that she was feisty and it continues to be true.  This girl is determined to do what she wants, when she wants it and if she doesn’t want to do it, you can forget about it!  She is currently 20 pounds, 9 ounces and 29 inches tall.  Here are some cute things she is doing these days:

* She loves the doll house and all of the accessories that go with it.  She can pull it off the shelf by herself and will sit and play with it until Hannah comes and takes it away (which is normally about 45 seconds after she sees that Sadie is having fun).

* She absolutely LOVES it outside.  When she wants to go out she will go to the shoe basket and get her shoes (always hers, and always a matching pair), will hand you the shoes, say “shoes” and then put one foot in the air.

* She can climb up and slide down the outside climber all by herself.  She can climb both up the stairs and the slide.

* It is not unusual for me to walk into the playroom and find her sitting up on the table coloring on Hannah’s latest masterpiece.  Both girls love that table.  Hannah sits and colors, Sadie climbs on top, gets the colors and throws them on the floor.

* Every day at 4:45 she goes to her highchair and starts whining to get up there and eat dinner.  I refuse to feed her before 5:00 and those 15 minutes take f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

* She is really into dressing up with the tutus, necklaces and Hannah’s cape.  At any given point during the day I have at least one girl in a tutu.

* She also likes to push her baby dolls around in the stroller.

* Still loves purses!

* Can say and sign many words but refuses to use them often or when you want her to.  She will come up to me and say words I didn’t even know she knew but when you ask her to say “all done” after a meal she just stares you down.  She is capable of signing and saying it- but refuses most times.  Little stubborn thing!  She can say: Dada, daddy, mama, Hannah, ruff-ruff, shoe, night night, thank you, all done, eyes, nose, yes, on, up, stuck, peek a boo, milk, baaa, papaw,  and a lot more that I can’t think of right now.  She is also putting two words together like," Hi Hannah!” and “It’s Daddy!” 

* She is taking one nap a day now.

* She gets so excited when she sees Hannah in the morning and daddy when he comes home from work. 

* She has figured out how to open the door to our back staircase and climb up and down the stairs by herself.

* If a door is left open that she normally isn’t allowed to go in, she darts for it so fast that it is hard to catch her!  This includes the stairs.  She can get up those things in 5 seconds flat!  She is a climber!

* She has started to take an interest in books and will come up to you, hand you a book and then back into your lap so you can read it.  We only get through about 2-3 pages before she closes the book and goes to get another one but I’m just glad she is showing some interest since she never really has before. 



She spends a lot of time each day looking out this window.  She climbs up in the shoe basket and looks at Lhotse and says, “Ruff, ruff.”  I think this picture shows how blonde her hair is.  She has more hair than it looks like but it is really, really blonde.


This is her typical look.  You want ME to do something that YOU say?  I don’t think so!


Must have been 4:45 PM


Left her babies in the dust and is on a mission.


When her sister takes all of the strollers away, she will carry her baby in the wheelbarrow! IMG_4906IMG_4910

She was just wearing a diaper the other day and ran into the living room holding it in her hands.  When I told her to come to me she took off for the kitchen.


I opened the door to put something on the patio and she snuck out wearing only her tutu.  This was during our 5 days of rain.  She was so tired of being cooped up that she ran to the climber, even though it was still raining!


Another toy she loves, Hannah’s Angelina Ballerina doll.  She constantly brings it to me to push the buttons so it will sing.  She carries it around 90 percent of the time.  And the other 10 percent of the time she is screaming because Hannah is playing with it!

Oh, my little Sadie.  She keeps me busy, that’s for sure. She loves to laugh and smile and scream and cuddle and play games and give kisses and is just all around a bundle of joy! 


Kim said...

Sadie you are growing up so quickly! You are Gramma's little character:) Love you and miss you

Beth said...

Sweet Sadie girl! She is getting her hair! Yeah!