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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hannah Update

Hannah is at one of the best ages!  She has become such a joy to be around.  Temper tantrums are minimal, we have to do little correcting throughout the day, and she is obedient and respectful the majority of the time.  I’m loving this time with her!  She is smart, funny, curious, and creative.  Here are some my favorites about her:

* She loves helping me make breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She always asks if she can help in some way.  I let her cut up vegetables and put things on her plate. Although it would be way faster for me to just get the meals on the table, I don’t want to discourage her, so she gets to help almost every day. 

* She knows in the morning that she must stay out of mommy and daddy’s room until her clock turns green.  She is allowed to play in her room or go downstairs and play in the playroom.  Most mornings she goes downstairs and gets all of the breakfast things out and ready for me.

* She still sings all day long.  She loves to make up songs and remembers the tunes and lyrics to almost any song she hears. 

* I know I’ve said this before, but she really has an amazing ability to solve puzzles and build things according to directions that are given.  She loves her Tinker Toys, Legos, Build It set, mazes, and hidden pictures.

* She loves, loves, loves school and her teacher loves her.  We got a note last week saying that her reasoning skills are “well beyond her years.” 

* When she needs to get her shoes on she put them on the floor in front of her feet and asks, “Is this the right way?”  If I say no, she switches them and says, “Is this the right way?”  (We are still working on that reasoning skill!)

* The other day she saw a wine bottle sitting on the counter and we had this conversation:

Hannah: Whoa, that is a big bottle of beer.

Me: That is wine.

Hannah: They were out of wine at the wedding and Jesus turned the water into wine!

Me: That’s right.

Hannah: And I think he turned the peanut butter sandwiches into lettuce for the wedding too. 

Me: Hmmmm, maybe?

* She plays so nicely and is very patient with her sister.

* Tonight Kyle was putting Sadie to bed and I remembered that her blanket was in the dryer.  I asked Hannah to go get it and take it to Sadie.  She ran and got it and hurried upstairs and said, “I have to get up there quick, before she goes to sleep!”  She is so sweet!

* We had to take Kyle’s newly fixed truck to school one day and as we were getting in Hannah said, “Do you know how to drive this thing?” 

* Hannah was dancing around the kitchen and she said, “Mom, I can do dance AND hip hop!”  She then went hip hopping around the room.

* She said, “Mom, you are driving me crazy.”  I just looked at her and smiled and she said, “That doesn’t mean you are really driving, it motional mom, it’s motional.” 

* She really wanted to play Go Fish the other day but I was busy so she emptied her snack bowl, propped her baby up, and played Go Fish for 30 minutes with a doll!


She is so fun! 

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Beth said...

Can't wait to see Hannah in Florida! The girls are going to have so much fun. :) BTW - whenever Stephen sees a picture of Hannah lately, he says that she and Avery are starting to look a lot alike. :)