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Monday, March 12, 2012


Hannah is 4!  She is such a joy and blessing to our family.  She keeps us laughing at the funny things she says and I am enjoying watching her figure out more about her little world.  She is 39.75 inches and 32 pounds.  She grew 2.75 inches and gained 4 pounds this year.  She is still a skinny little thing.  Here are my favorites about her:

* The girl sings ALL. DAY. LONG.  If she is playing independently, she is singing. If she is playing with Sadie, she is singing.  If she is getting dressed, she is singing.  If she is ______, she is singing!  She often makes up songs or uses songs that she already knows and just changes some of the words.

* She still loves her dance class.  In January she started learning tap in addition to ballet.  She practices at home, using the correct ballet terminology (which I have no idea about, I just take her word for it!). 

* She is absolutely thriving in preschool.  I firmly believe that sending her to preschool this year was one of the best decisions we made as a family.  She loves, loves, loves being with the other children and just adores her teacher.  She is learning so much not only about colors, letters, and numbers, but the Bible and God’s love for her.  She has a monthly Bible verse to memorize, and you better believe she knows it every month.

* Right this second, as she is sitting beside me writing thank you notes for her birthday gifts, she put her pen down and started to “play” the guitar that is on her shirt.  She just needed a little guitar break!

* She turns nouns into verbs when she is describing what she is doing.  “I’m just stickering.” or “I’m just hop scotching.” 

* I created a daily schedule and chore chart for her a few weeks ago.  Everyday she asks, “What’s my next chore job?” 

* Her memory is amazing.  She remembers everything, often things that happened 2 years ago or more.  She will ask you to tell her stories that happened to her when she was younger and then correct you if you tell it wrong!

* Today she told the checker at Target, “That is my sister, Sadie.  She is naughty AND silly.” 

* She eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast every morning.

* She wants to do art projects at least once a day. She loves painting, cutting, using glue, coloring, etc. 

* She got the Playmobil doll house for her birthday with about 5 million teeny tiny pieces that go with it.  Yesterday we put it up in her sunroom to keep Sadie from destroying it and today she came downstairs and got the picture of the house that came in the box.  When I went upstairs later, she had the picture all laid out and the furniture arranged in the house exactly like the picture. 

* During the Lenten season her preschool class is collecting pennies and are going to buy a cow from World Vision to help families in other countries.  I gave her some pennies to take and as she was putting them in the jar she said, “I think I’m just going to put some of them in.”  Her teacher laughed- she was scheming as to how she could keep some of those pennies to spend!

* She is easily afraid of things on TV (even if they aren’t scary at all).  For example, she is scared of Swiper on Dora.  She’s been watching that show for years!  Today she was watching something and ran into the kitchen.  When I asked her if she was scared she said, “No, I just wanted to give Daddy a big hug!”  Good cover. 

* The other day she came into our room and said, “I bet you can’t wait to see what I did to my floor.”  Now, this statement only made me slightly nervous because Hannah doesn’t really ruin, destroy, or otherwise vandalize our home.  When I went in there I saw all of her blankets covering the floor and she said, “See, I put in new carpet because mine wasn’t very pretty!” 

* She went to the “Movie Feeder” to see The Lorax with Daddy.

* Just this evening she folded and put away an entire load of clean clothes.

Happy Birthday, Hannah!  We love you bunches and bunches. 



Beth said...

I love my beautiful niece! Happy Birthday, sweet Hannah!

Renee said...

Gene and Callan have plans to go see The Lorax, too! I think Gene is a little bit more excited than Callan about it....haha

Kim said...

Love all the things you blog about the girls and what they are doing at various stages. Several of them made me laugh! Oh, Hannah. You have quite the personality:)