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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Puppy Party

A while back I saw an idea for a puppy shop birthday party.  I fell in love with the idea because the kids had something to do during the party rather than just run around my house making a mess!  I searched pinterest and found so many cute ideas for the party.  The dollar store was a life saver!  99 percent of the supplies were from the dollar store.  You can’t beat that! 

Birthday wreath for the front door.  I didn’t intend on the party being pink and blue, as I originally was going with more of an orange theme.  However, I kept finding pink and blue things (and very little orange) everywhere I went, so I just went with what are readily available. 


Puppy Adoption Station: Each child adopted a puppy and filled out a certificate.


Dog House: The kids decorated boxes to take their dogs home in!


Vet: Then they moved on to the Vet where they got a certificate of health and puppy vitamins!


Next stop was the puppy wash.  They “washed” their puppies and got a puppy blanket.


After the bath, they moved on to the puppy shop where they picked out a collar, leash, puppy chow, a ball, and a frisbee.


Last, they pup on puppy ears and went in the dog house for a picture!  That was the idea anyway.  I think I only got one kid’s picture.  Oops!


We kept the food pretty simple.  I made paw print cupcakes and dog bone cookies in addition to some other snacks.


Vet Bompa took his job very seriously!  DSCN1373

Daddy the Pet Shop owner.DSCN1384


The party was so fun and Hannah loved it! 

I was inspired by these ideas:

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Beth said...

So cute! Good job!