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Monday, April 2, 2012

My Girls

We went to a birthday party this weekend and one of the guests there is a photographer.  She took some great pictures of my girls.  I just love them…the pictures and the girls! Hannah 5hannah 2Hannah 3Hannah 4HannahSadie 2Sadie 3Sadie

Photos complements of: Waypost Photography


Kim said...

I love them too! She captured their personalities:) The last one cracks me up, though!

Beth said...

I have the most beautiful nieces! BTW - I like Hannah's Hello Kitty necklace choice. Avery's been wearing hers a lot lately.

ElissaMLF said...

Hannah looks so old in these! And I adore the last photo of Sadie. Too cute.

Renee said...

That last one pretty much sums up Sadie's whole personality in one snapshot. haha