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Monday, July 2, 2012

Reading the Recycling

Sadie is old enough that I can let her outside by herself for very short amounts of time.  Our patio is right outside the kitchen window so I can keep a close eye on her as she plays.  The other day I looked out the window and saw this: IMG_8176Yes, that is our recycling bin, all emptied out on the ground with Sadie reading the Washington Post Magazine.  The best part is…wait for it…

IMG_8177She is pantless!  I can almost guarantee you that she is totally naked under that shirt.  Somewhere along the way she has become a nudist and I can’t get the girl to keep her pants on.  I am constantly looking out there and finding her with no clothes on.  Sigh.IMG_8179

Never fear though, her sister saw what she was doing and instructed her to start cleaning up the mess right away.  She complied.  IMG_8180


Beth said...

You are going to be able to have Hannah baby-sit at a very young age! She will do a better job than the high schooler you pay too much money for. :)

Kim said...

I thought Sadie had on a dress! At least the shirt is long enough to cover her up:) You just never know what Sadie will find interesting!