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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of Hannah’s chores for the past few years has been to feed Lhotse.  She’s been moving on the bigger and better chores so she’s been training Sadie on how to feed the dog.  To be honest, I haven’t really supervised this training very well because Hannah just always gives Lhotse the correct amount of food so I assumed that Sadie would do the same.  (Why I would assume that Sadie would do anything like her sister is beyond me, but I did.)  A few weeks ago Kelsi was over and commented on how fat Lhotse was looking.  I hadn’t noticed so I decided to watch feeding time on that particular day.  This is what I found:  IMG_8264Huge bowl FULL of food.  IMG_8270Soooo heavy…and Sooooo proud of herself.  IMG_8272

The funniest part was that after she called Lhotse over to eat, Lhotse took one bite and Sadie ripped that bowl right off the container and put another scoop in for her.  She really didn’t want Lhotse to get too hungry!   Man oh man, I love this girl but can’t you just see the mischief on her face??  She gives me a run for my money (and sanity) daily but she sure does make ordinary boring days very exciting. 

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Beth said...

Ha! That's hilarious!