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Friday, April 19, 2013

Big Sisters, Little Sister

Hannah and Sadie got to meet their little sister the day she was born.  Kyle took them out to dinner and then brought them to see Claire.  Hannah was so in love!  Sadie was a little unsure of what was going on.  The poor thing was having a hard time with mommy being gone.  Now that we are home, she is an amazing big sister. 

Meeting Claire for the first time.


Sadie is a little unsure.IMG_8378She is SO in love with Claire. IMG_8379IMG_8380IMG_8381IMG_8383Having some Mommy time.  IMG_8387IMG_8388IMG_8394I LOVE this picture. 

The girls opening their big sister presents from Claire.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!


Our family of five.IMG_8429IMG_8448IMG_8454

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Beth Bruce said...

Awww! Nice collection of pictures! I still love looking at the pictures of when we went to the hospital to meet Kelsi. So fun!