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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Rainbow Birthday


Hannah had her first out of the home birthday party this year.  She had decided she wanted either a bowling party or an art party.  She eventually chose an art party and thankfully, there is a children’s art center just up the road from our house.  She wanted a rainbow theme, which was super easy!  I made her a rainbow dress and she loved it!  Not too long after I made Hannah’s dress, I had the fabric out to make something else and Sadie came to me and said, “You are making me a beautiful rainbow dress too?”  How can you say no to that?

We set off for Hannah’s party, dressed in every color of the rainbow.  Her friends had so much fun painting, stamping, and playing rainbow games! 


They were making paintings inspired by the artist Kandinsky.  Water color backgrounds with black bold stamping over the water colored picture.  My little OCD Hannah didn’t want to ruin her watercolor so she got a separate paper for stamping.  IMG_0655

Friends! IMG_0656-001

Everyone loved having Claire at the party!  IMG_0657IMG_0666Sadie playing “Throw the rainbow beanbags into the cloud buckets.”  All the kids sat and listened so quietly.  Hannah has a GREAT group of friends.  This was a drop off party, so their parents didn’t stay, and the kids were SO good!  IMG_0637-001Snack table- rainbow themed.  I made Hannah’s cake! IMG_0672Inside of the cake!


Goody bags.  Inside was a rainbow garland, play dough, and rainbow chocolate coins. 

She loved her party, and I loved planning it for her.  It fit her personality perfectly!

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Beth Bruce said...

So cute! Good job, Mommy! I really need a Silhouette. :)