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Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Months

Before Claire turns 3 months old in a few days, I need to post her 2 month pictures!  She is such an incredibly happy baby.  Seriously, she makes this newborn stage so easy.  She goes with the flow as I drag her around to all of her sisters’ activities.  She loves the Ergo carrier and falls asleep every time I put her in there.  She sleeps through the night!!  She is a dream baby!  She loves to smile and is just starting to giggle a little bit.  Every time you go to put her paci in her mouth you can’t, because she smiles so big that it won’t stay in her mouth!  Her 2 months stats are a little skewed because she went to her two month appointment two weeks late.  They grow so fast at this age and I know she grew a lot in those 2 weeks. 

2 month stats:

10 lbs 11 oz

23 inches

She is very loved and her sisters can’t get enough of her! 

PS- Poor Bear pictures were also taken 2+ weeks late.  What can I say…She’s the third child!IMG_0410-001IMG_0411-001IMG_0412-001IMG_0413-001


Jessie Johnson said...

Absolutely Adorable! As always :)

Beth Bruce said...

Aunt Bethy loves those thigh rolls!