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Friday, June 7, 2013

Soccer Star

Hannah has never had any interest in trying any sport.  She loves ballet and it is definitely her thing!  However, Kyle and I both wanted her to at least try a team sport.  In the past we’ve talked up t-ball and soccer and she’s always said she wasn’t interested.  I even asked her last spring if she wanted to play soccer with her good friend from school and she said, “No, I think I’ll just go cheer for her.”  This spring I was determined to get her to try soccer.  One of her preschool friends was going to do it, so that convinced her!  This friend ended up not doing soccer because she was too busy but we later found out that Hannah’s BFF was also going to play!  Hannah has really great fine motor skills, but her gross motor skills have never been as good.  She’s always had a hard time kicking a ball, swinging a bat, or balancing on her bike.  I wasn’t expecting too much on the soccer field, but I wanted her to at least try it.  In her first game, she scored a goal!  That really boosted her confidence and she ended up loving soccer.  She was actually really, really good (and looked SO cute in her uniform!).  She hustled, went after the ball, got back on defense, and scored many goals.  I am so proud of her for trying and giving it her best.  One of the things I love about Hannah is that she is a go getter!  She is not shy in new situations, doesn’t cling to me or cry, makes new friends easily, and tries her hardest. I think she liked it so much that she is going to play again in the fall! 

This little boy was also really good.  Many weeks it was them…IMG_0369Against all of these!  The green team still won, because most of the white team was picking flowers. IMG_0370IMG_0390IMG_0393IMG_0394-001Her little team.IMG_0395


Her first trophy!


And another thing I love about her, the very next day she looked like this! All ready for recital pictures!  More about that later.


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Brian Peterson said...

She is so fast! And she knows the game. She goes back and covers defense. Can't believe how many blocks she had. Even when she was way across the field she came back to save the other team from getting a goal. WOW is what I have to say.
Great job Peanut!